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Solar Panels MEMC M315BMC-34 315 watts

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MEMC Silvantis Photovoltaic modules consist of a series of electrically interconnected crystalline silicon solar cells that are sealed
within a laminated sheet of tempered glass superstrate* and EVA/back-sheet substrate. These laminates are secured inside an
aluminum frame to provide rigidity and a means for attachment to mounting sub-structures. The frames should not be modified or
* Tempered glass may have AR coating.
• Photovoltaic modules are designed and constructed for outdoor use. Do not submerge modules in water at any time.
• The front and back of each module is labeled with a product bar code. Do not cover, remove or deface these labels. This may
be required for product identification.
Damage to the glass surface or the anti-reflective coating can impact the power output and overall efficiency of the system.
Scratches, handling marks, or any damage to the glass surface must be avoided.
For best performance and to avoid potential issues, keep the front side of the module clean and free of obstructions including
covers, tape, adhesives, paint and debris.

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MEMC 315 Watt Solar Panel

Monocrystalline PV Module

Open circuit voltage 46
closed circuit voltage is 37 volts
78″ long
39″ wide
2″ thick
49 lbs
MC-4 connectors
These modules were part of a college campus parking structure that was removed to make way for new construction. They are about 4 years old. Test like new. In perfect condition. Very well built. Have had zero problems with any of these.

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Weight 49 lbs
Dimensions 79 × 39 × 2 in


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