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BP-MST 50 Watt Solar Panel

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MST-50, modules are part of Solarex’s Millennia™ line of photovoltaics, which uses advanced tandem-junction thin-film technology to transform light energy into electricity. Solarex is a pioneer in thin-film manufacturing, which creates solar cells by depositing semiconductor alloys in thin layers on glass, using less material than traditional sawn-wafer methods. A major development in both efficiency and stability, the tandem-junction cell stacks two cells vertically, with each cell tuned for optimum conversion of different spectral segments. The MST-50 are designed specifically for applications which require moderate to high DC voltage arrays, and can result in cost savings up to 25% in such arrays. These applications include residential, commercial, and industrial utility-interactive arrays; building facades; and direct-coupled (batteryless) water pumping systems. EPRI has identified the Millennia technology as among the most promising in the field for large-scale utility photovoltaic systems and R & D programs. With their uniform color and precise laser scribing, Millennia modules are especially suited to architectural applications. They are available in three configurations: • framed with architectural-grade bronzeanodized extruded aluminum framing and a high-volume junction box; • double-glass frameless laminate with 15-inch output leads (mounting system optional); • as a single-glass “plate”; this configuration includes no frame and no electrical output leads.

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