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February 1, 2019


Africa Solar Fresh Water Project

In drought-affected areas of Africa, women must walk miles to find water, risking violence or animal attack, in order to sustain their families and animals. They do this with the knowledge that the dirty water they have collected may well make their children very ill. Your Used Solar is happy to be able to provide solar power for local village people now get 18 gallons per minutes from a 500′ well with the help of 50 solar panels.

Home DYI Solar Setup 3.5KW System

I picked up 10 of the Sunpower 305 watt panels from Your Used Solar all the units came on a pallet with no issues within a week. The ground mount install went great no issues and I”m loving the solar panels what a great deal ! The sales and support were great to deal with and Your Used Solar saved me a ton of money.

South Carolina 8KW System Install

Evergreen 190 Watt Panels

I want to thank you for sending the Evergreen panel. It is installed and working good.
I also want to share some info you might be interested in. I found a transformer-ed tied grid inverter made by Soyosource. Total cost $198 including shipping for a 1kw unit They have other inverters at different power levels. Hooked up to the 5 panels you sent me and works good. Has the option to work with battereies as an off grid/tied inverter tool.